Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Planetary Passion

The sky is lit by a hasty comet and all my dreams are riding on it, but how do you follow a shooting star...when you sit in silence, dissecting oddities as friends punctuate with celestial bodies? Could mine cause the world to pause, or even take a breath?  

I'm not a sentence, I am a book and I deserve a second look.  Why are casual glances so commonly exchanged?  My rumbling cloud longs to throw wild lightning, fears relax while my fists are tightening, yet I know that I would still be nothing more than weather.  

I don't need to control the tides, ebb the waters far and wide, but would like to see a wave and know that it was just for me.  All the heavens crisp and white fade to grey most every night, though the morning promises to bring a new radiance.

I see myself and all I've done in the earth, the moon and in my sons.  Their brilliance far exceeds my own.  I will try to avoid regret, knowing my path has not been set - if only for the prosperity of those who depend on me.

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