Saturday, May 30, 2009

National Lampoon's...I mean...Davis Family Road Trip (Summer 2009)

Well, it took a long time to nail down all the pieces, but our road trip has finally got bones!

OR -> ID -> UT -> CO -> NM -> AZ -> CA -> OR

The plan is...

Day one: Leave graduation and head to Portland to pick up the boys and make it as far as Pendleton before calling it a night.

Day two: Get ourselves to Baker City before the Motorcycle Rally ends at noon. We'll stick around for as much of that as is entertaining and then make the trek to Boise.

Day three: Hopefully we'll be up at a decent hour so that we can go to Wahooz for the day. After lunch, we'll travel down to Salt lake City.

Day four: We might go out to the Bonneville Salt flats, but more likely, we'll take our time driving through the UT landscape, possibly caching as far as Green lake if the weather is tolerable.

Day five: Through Moab and Monticello, down to see the arrows in Cortez before winding up in Durango, CO.

Day six: Make a stop in Aztec to visit the ruins, a short trip to Cuba, then end in Albuquerque for a couple of nights!

Day eight: Through Gallup, Holbrook and Flagstaff to end in Williams.

Day nine: Up to the GRAND CANYON then back down and onto Route 66 until we get to Kingman. From there, we're gonna take a little detour south to see the London Bridge.

Day ten: Back up to Hwy 40 until Barstow. We'll come down through Victorville and down into Anaheim...Shhhhh...don't tell the boys!

Day eleven: Disneyland - California Adventure!!

Day twelve: I'm sure it's gonna be almost impossible to tear the boys away after just one day at the park, but we'll make it better by spending the good portion of the day in the car, breaking somewhere around Patterson, Ca.

Day thirteen: Another long drive with very little planned until we finally wind the evening down in Medford, Or.

Day fourteen: Medford back up to Eugene or Portland...hopefully making a short trip to Wildlife Safari on the way.

That's it! That's the trip that's been widdled down from a month two almost exactly two weeks. If anyone has any additional suggestions of things that we shouldn't miss, I have about two days before I need to solidify my accommodations.

Wish us luck!

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