Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kiki's Guide to Doing Practically Anything*...Installment #1...Prelude

Q: How do you walk from Seattle to New York?
A: One step at a time.

It may be a cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true. There's beauty in that solution, because it's a valid way to conquer almost all of life's hurdles. The only question is whether your steps should be large or small.

I'm going to state openly that I have not yet tried everything. I won't pretend that I'm the richest, most successful citizen in the world. What I can say, however, is that I spend everyday happier than I am sad, lonely or angry. I smile more than I frown and laugh more than I cry. To me, that's a necessary part to considering yourself a successful person.

My goal isn't to feign perfection or claim that I have all the answers. Instead, I want to help anyone and everyone be truly happy with who they are, while at the same time continuing to strive to make themselves and the world better. I don't believe in resting on your laurels. Accomplishments are necessary for true self-validation. Successes are required to be successful. You have to constantly push yourself from your comfort zone, because extended periods of comfort cause laziness and eventually weakness.

Each individual has a unique set of goals (with the exception of the basic human needs) but the key to achieving each of those goals remains constant - You have to take the first step.

You may be thinking, "What if I'm happy with where I am right now?" Well, that's fabulous. That's wonderful. Take a moment to appreciate where you are and how you got there. Take some pictures, write a blog. But, don't think for a moment that the Fickle Finger of Fate won't beckon you on to another issue before your film even has a chance to develop. The world doesn't stand still, which means we can't either.

Life is one big game of jump rope. You anticipate the arrival of the obstacle and leap, smiling at your ability to stay in the clear, but if you don't keep moving, eventually you'll get tripped up. I propose that you can treat life's problems the in the same manner, as an enjoyable challenge. It *is* alright to enjoy the ability to deal with issues as they arise. It's okay to enjoy the game, even though it's full of hazards. That just means you have to play harder.

In my coming series of articles, Kiki's Guide to Doing Practically Anything, I will not only write about my experiences and challenges, I will also write about yours. I'm here to help you take some steps, or just help you figure out what those steps are. I also invite you to challenge me. Give me suggestions on things that you think I should try, and if I can, I will fit them into my crazy, hectic life.

Carpe Vita!

*With the exception of singing.

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