Thursday, January 22, 2009

Am I just easily irritated?

Tuesday was shaping up to be a very happy day for me, as well as millions of others. That's right, Inauguration Day. I was so proud of my country - not only had we elected an African-American president, but we were also enthusiastic to celebrate his ascent to power. Gone are the days of the old, white, republican. We're ushering in the era where *our* generation's beliefs will be represented. In my head, it was one of the most important days I had ever witnessed...then I turned on the radio.

The morning dj on Star 102.3 casually mentioned that it was Inauguration Day, and followed the thought with "not that it matters." He continued to elaborate, saying that he hadn't voted and wasn't really excited about the whole event. Now, I can respect that politics isn't for everyone. I can even understand that they wouldn't be interested in watching a day full of politician's speeches. Then, he went a step too far, in my opinion. He said that too much time was being spent on this inauguration, and that we should all focus on something more important!! Can you imagine?! He even said that our money would be better spent on things that actually mattered. ACTUALLY MATTERED?!?!?? What could possibly matter more than the way our country is run? What matters more than the leadership of the country where we live and raise our children? I just don't understand how someone can be so ignorant and apathetic. What could he find more important? Britney Spears' new hot pants? Jonas brothers bringing back 80's fashion? For Pete's sake. Honestly.

Okay, when I had that reaction, I considered it completely justified. I was right, he was wrong and I needed to vent about it. It wasn't until later in the day that I realized I may have been overreacting a bit. That afternoon...the same afternoon...I heard a commercial for the Dairy Farmers of Oregon.

In this commercial, the farmer compares his cows to women. At first, it just made me roll my eyes. He continued going-on about how similar cows are to ladies and how farmers have to behave if they want to get something from them. I was so irritated that I changed the channel...then I changed it back so I could hear who had paid for the advertisement! I told Kristy that the commercial "made me so mad that I could just blog about it!"

It's not often that I get so completely irritated twice in one day. Now, I'm looking for opinions. Would either of these things get you as irate as I was, or was I just in a mood?

*Image: Betye Saar Blow Top Blues The Fire Next Time 1998


Andre said...

The DJ is an idiot, as they are so often prone to be. Anyone who has followed politics in this country with any degree of accuracy over the last eight years knows that the President of the United States has a huge amount of influence on how we live and how business is conducted around the world.

Terri said...

It seems that you were irritated that someone cares a lot less than you do about one thing, then that someone cares a whole lot more than you do about something else. I think that's human nature.

Now, I have so much more to say about a woman who is mad at being compared to a cow.

Terri said...

Actually, not a whole lot... just that no woman wants to hear herself compared to a cow.

Kiki said...

Lol, good, glad it's not just me ;)