Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a landslide!

Just as I knew it would be, the election was a resounding win for Barack Obama. The hearts of America (indeed of all the world) are bubbling with ecstasy. There's a feeling of hope and revolution, as our country welcomes the President elect.

Amidst this enthusiasm, there is an emerging murmur declaring that Obama failed to win the "white" vote. To that, I say, "Who gives a damn?" This country is a mixed bag of all religions and ethnicities. There is not a single group who's vote is worth more than that of another based purely on its title. The only power held by any conglomeration is the power of numbers...and those numbers came together for Obama tonight. In fact, if you find yourself bothered that Obama can be president even though the majority of white people voted for McCain, perhaps you should take a good look inside yourself, because I have a newsflash for you - that's not the way America works anymore.

To those who say that Obama is naive and inexperienced, I respond "Who gives a damn?" Sometimes it takes a person who hasn't yet become jaded by the system to have the energy to change it.

That's about the end of my hostility. Every other fiber in my body is urging me to reach out to the remainder of the nation. I want to beckon those of you who voted republican for less closed-minded reasons, to embrace the next four years. Acknowledge that the rest of the country had a burning desire to go a different way. Understand that your peers had a longing for change and watch what happens with open eyes and an open heart. Better yet, get involved and change this term from an administration of democrats to a united bi-partisan government. If any administration desires that interaction, it's the one we've voted for tonight.

With all of that aired, I want to add this: If in four years, we are at all worse off than we are now - whether it be in the economy, environment, human-rights, war or unemployment - I will eat my words and volunteer to help the next republican candidate get elected in 2012.

Good job, America. Welcome to change :D

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